July 2004 archive

white ribbons on the breeze

My brother is getting married on Saturday. We’re rallying the clan such as it is to go and stand in an orchard and watch him change his life forever. He’s making the right choice and I am so happy to be able to stand with him as he does it. It’s easy to be pretty […]

everything and nothing

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re busy all day only to find at the end of it that everything that was on your to-do list in the morning is still there? It’s times like this when I almost wish I had a webcam mounted on top of my screen so I […]

killing me softy

I’m still chewing on this whole idea of sending laughter out into the world.  I think that some people change the world by curing diseases or stopping wars or inventing lightbulbs, and others change it simply by making a stranger smile for no reason at all.  Ghandi said that we must be the change we […]

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