October 2004 archive

vision and fingerprints

What would the world look like if I truly saw God in everything? A line from my all time favourite hymn asks “Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.” I wonder what it would be like if even just for a day I could see my life the way God sees it. If […]

would he really do that?

I came across a joke this morning that reflected something I’ve been thinking for a while now about the whole WWJD thing. (As an aside let me say upfront that I am not in favour of mass market Christianity, and for the record do not wear a WWJD or PUSH bracelet.) Anyway, the joke goes […]

midnight and brian wilson

As I was driving into work today Brian Wilson, a classic Barenaked Ladies song from the 90s was playing on the radio. I was immediately transported back to highschool days and playing pool in my parent’s basement. I remembered how my older brother and I used to play pool late into the night when he […]

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