March 2005 archive

too cold for a picnic

It was too cold for a picnic today, but I had one anyway. After a week-end of mostly rain the sun came out so I grabbed some one-handed-food (the kind you can eat easily with a book in the other hand) and a book and headed down to the beach. In true west coast style […]

smells like beach music

There’s a scene in Pat Conroy’s Beach Music (one of my all time favourite books) where a father teaches his daughter to navigate around their neighbourhood piazza purely by what she can smell. I was thinking of that as I walked around my neighbourhood the other day. Most days my neighbourhood smells like cedar and […]

tumblers in a lock

The world felt undeniable portentious this morning. I wish I knew why. I felt poised on the edge of something wonderful, as if I had just had a conversation with someone I knew was going to change my life. But that wasn’t it. I was sitting at work smiling and realized that I was really […]

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