May 2005 archive

do you sudoku?

I have a new puzzle addiction brewing. I was reading Wired the other day and they had a story about the Sudoku puzzle craze that is reported to be taking England by storm. I am a fan of puzzles. I really like New York Times crosswords even though anything past a Wednesday puzzle is a […]

nerdy enough

I was on one of those friend-of-a-friend blog trails today and ended up on a Nerd Test, which of course I took because I was on a break goofing off anyway. I went through all of the questions and scored 31% and here’s the weird part — I was a little disappointed. [Sidenote: I have […]

that was awesome

Last Friday I was one of lucky ones rocking it out at U2’s Vertigo show in Vancouver. I danced like a fool, I sang like an idiot, I screamed and I hollered and I loved it. U2 was my first big rock concert. I’m told that I’ve started with the best of the best, sipped […]