June 2005 archive

la vida robot

Back in April Wired ran a story about four kids from Arizona who kicked some serious butt at a national robotics competition. The article, “La Vida Robot” told the story of four kids living in one of the less picturesque parts of the country. Two teachers at their school decided to start a robotics club […]

the world gets a little cooler

Whoo hoo! As of today I have speakers (thanks A!). Of course like any good techie I figured I better take them for a test run, so I headed over to Homestar Runner for some good times (I mean serious testing) with StrongBad and the Teen Girl Squad. I was not disappointed. After initial testing […]

so very nearly cool

I received an invite today to be a beta tester for Evan William’s latest project. Odeo is podcasting meets audioblogger meets bloglines. It’s a collaboration between Evan (one of the creators of Blogger) and Noah Glass (the guy behind AudBlog and ListenLab). For a minute there I was feeling so urban and connected. I went […]

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