July 2005 archive

dred part 2 (an experiment)

I was reading on the Google Blog today that you can now upload pics directly from the Blogger interface so I thought I’d give it a shot. I don’t have too many pics of my own (did I mention wanting a digital camera? And a laptop.. . .and a pony. . .) I thought I’d […]

economy of attention

I was sitting the living room reading the National Post this evening. I recently gained a new respect for the National Post upon discovering that while they do not print the New York Times crossword puzzle they do print the daily sudoku. Decisions, decisions. I saw an article on blogs in the financial section and […]

but will I have more fun?

Seems to be a week for changing hairstyles. . . Earlier this week my brother cut off his dreds and today after somewhat misunderstanding what the hairdresser was saying I am now blonder than I have been since high school. I thought he was suggesting two different shades of highlights when in fact I agreed […]

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