August 2005 archive

itty-bitty tech moment

I had a tech moment! Last night I was trying to figure out how to add a link to the image in yesterday’s post. I’m using the photo function in Blogger so I don’t have to host the images myself and several attempts (including highlighting all of the image code and then using the link […]

I’m disappointed Douglas Copeland

I never thought I’d accuse Douglas Copeland of a cop-out bait-and-switch ending but I just finished reading Girlfriend in a Coma and I have to say, I’m disappointed. I expected better. Hey Nostradamus! was haunting and beautiful and made me think about things I hadn’t really considered before. It offered characters not lovable, or even […]

dr. & mrs. colvin

We had a family wedding last week-end. While I think that both of my brothers are crazy to get married in really hot places at the end of July I am happy to say that their choices of spouse, in both cases, is flawless. Nice work gentlemen. I had a little trouble downloading the images […]

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