September 2005 archive

your tax dollars at work

I read this in Wired News today: When Dolphins Turn DeadlyAmong the innumerable individuals displaced by Hurricane Katrina, military-trained dolphins may also have gotten lost in the shuffle. Trouble is, the U.S. Navy’s 36 cetaceans may be armed and dangerous. The Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, which have been taught to use toxic dart guns to shoot […]

beautiful day

It was Kendra’s birthday on Sunday so we decided to head down to Vanier Park for a little Bard on the Beach. It was a perfect Vancouver day, a late September bathed in sunshine, the kind of day we’ll all be dreaming about when the rain starts next week. Kendra suggested that we take a […]

upon this rock

I came across faith in the most unexpected place today. I was doing research in GQ this morning. No really, I actually was (although it turns out they don’t post their editorial calendar so it was a short trip). In the course of my search I came across an article by John Sullivan about a […]

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