November 2005 archive

new world, a little braver

I did something today that I’ve have never done before, something I did not picture myself doing any time soon. I accepted an invitation to present a workshop at the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference. This is not the first time I have been invited to present at a conference but it is the first time […]

one for the books

I have discovered a new author to add to my list. I picked-up a Ken Follet novel at the grocery store last week-end because I was desperate. I got home Friday night only to realize that I had left the book I was reading on my desk at work and I can’t be without a […]

sempre fidelis

Never forget. Every year on Remembrance Day I read two poems. “In Flanders Fields” is the obvious choice. The other one I read is a less well known poem by Wilfred Owen “Dolce et Decorum Est“. Both speak of war in the voices of those who’ve been there. I particularly like the ending of “Dolce […]

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