April 2006 archive

flawless like sunshine

Today has been an almost perfect summer Saturday. I know it’s not really summer yet, but today I could feel summer drawing close. I felt bare feet on freshly mown grass today. I lunched al fresco – tomatoes and ham and my favourite cheese and the Vancouver Sun. I ran useful errands with the windows […]


Everyone seems to have really cool photos on their blogs lately, and I know how much I like seeing other people pictures so here a few random scenes from my life. Enjoy the randomness, or just let it pass you by.Here is Amanda, graciously agreeing to one more picture, provided she can do it on […]

the words remembered

Yesterday as I was leaving for church right on schedule I realized that I was never going to get a seat. I’m usually pretty good at remembering that our church gets completely packed out on major holidays and I need to leave early. Not so this year. Off I went. I actually found a parking […]

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