November 2006 archive

snowman’s paradise

It’s snowing in White Rock and it shouldn’t be. We’re just outside of Vancouver, a stone’s throw from the ocean. We’re supposed to get two weeks of a light dusting of snow at the beginning of January. Clearly the snow had other plans. It began last night. Kendra came in from the back room and […]

CNN gets a little closer

Every few months I run a Google search on myself to see if anyone is stealing my articles. Today there were no thefts of the list but I was very surprised to see an entry labeled “ – Transcripts”. Of course I followed the link and it turns out that back in October Anderson Cooper […]

stand in the wind

I have never been an adrenaline junkie. I take no pleasure in taking risks, but for some reason I cannot resist the sea when it’s inflamed. The wind picks up and starts to roar and I have to go and hear the water roar back. Today the wind was up. I grabbed my Gortex and […]

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