March 2007 archive


A late lunch and a quick sandwich have conspired to give me enough time to blog. Sloth – not necessarily the one pictured above — it what I am aspiring to this week-end. Last week-end I was impressively (ridiculously?) productive so this week-end I need to balance things out. Last week-end I: did my taxes […]

fine weather for ducks

We’re all lined-up to break a record for rain this week-end. Scary stuff when you consider how much rain is ‘normal’ for this part of the world. With floods on the way the last two week-ends it seemed the only logical thing to do was to go out and play in it. A large puddle […]

lazy daisy

Sometimes it is really nice to do a task the slow way. Recently I came across a copy of Meaghan Mountford’s new book, Cookie Sensations. It is a little over a hundred pages of everything from icing the Eiffel tower to Elvis onto a cookie. I decided to start with an easy one — daisies. […]

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