April 2007 archive

facebook is a time machine

I have recently been sucked into the vortex that is Facebook and I’ve discovered something: Facebook is a time machine. The cool thing about it is that it takes you back to people you’ve lost touch with, to places you haven’t been in a long time. It might even take you all the way back […]

use the floss, Luke

Fresh from the dentist today I went to restock my floss. When I opened up my new pack of Crest Glide Deep Clean Cool Mint it looked so much like a little droid there was only one rational thing to do: photo shoot! Don’t you think it looks like a little droid? (Maybe it’s just […]

sun ran

It’s hard to believe it that’s time of year again, but this morning we headed down to Vancouver to join50 000 other people in the 10km Vancouver Sun Run. What a great day. The weather this year was perfect. Some years there is a suspicious lack of sun and I wonder if the name of […]

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