June 2007 archive

can’t we just be friends?

These guys remind me of Moxy Fruvous (any other Moxy fans? you know you’re out there) and a little of old school BNL. DO they speak the truth about the future of friends (not to be confused with Friends), Facebook and the internet? Who cares, it’s a very entertaining vid. And I’m so not hooked. […]

play part 2 (but it’s really part one)

When I was getting yesterday’s post “play” ready I was sure I had already started putting some thoughts together but I couldn’t find them. Today, after already posting the other post I did. Reading them over, I think I like this version of the post better but the other was already posted. So here, mostly […]


I bought myself a present the other day — Keri Smith’s latest book Wreck This Journal. If you’re not familiar with Keri’s work, I highly recommend her blog, The Wish Jar Journal (and in particular her list of How to be Miserable as an Artist). Keri makes her living as an illustrator but has put […]

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