August 2007 archive

taking my toys away

If it weren’t enough that ALL of the books in my house are in boxes (I’m pretty sure I can hear them whimpering, but maybe it’s just me) it looks like we’re going to be without internet access at home for the next while as well. The laptop is going for a service + new […]

three cheers for!

If you’re looking to add a little interest to your wardrobe, I highly recommend . specializes in one – of – a- kind, vintage, indie and retro items. I recently made my first purchase (can you guess what it was?) and was blown away by their service. A little over a week ago […]

dream a little dream of me

Some dreams are so strange you have to share them. Last night I had just such a dream. The strangest part of last night’s dream is that I was in it twice. I was there, experiencing the action and then there was another me, the omniscient observer. As the dreamer of the dream, the real […]

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