December 2007 archive

what christmas looks like

I think there’s a set of rules somewhere that govern the photos common to all blogs. If it snows, you must post two (2) photos — one showing the accumulation and the other showing at least one member of your family, out in the snow with the universal expression for “oh my goodness it’s snowing!”I […]

someone’s feeling Christmas-y

I don’t post a lot of memes, but this one made me giggle so I figured it was worth sharing: Courtesy of ICHC (a mostly family-friendly site, but watch out for the tag cloud). Now if only the cute little guy could spell, but seeing as Lolz is practically its own language these days, I’ll […]

making waitress pie

Adrienne Shelley’s Waitress is a delicious slice of a movie. It tells the story of Jenna, a woman who ‘doesn’t want any trouble, doesn’t want no baby [she] just wants to make pie’. Jenna’s pie making is legendary, unfortunately so is her husband. Very early on I found myself gasping at his simple brutality and […]

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