April 2008 archive

grade four recess pretzels

In grade four I had a friend named Megan. Megan had long, thick braids and a five foot tall Barbie hotel that her Dad built her for Christmas one year. During our grade four year Megan’s Mom starting sending home made soft pretzels to school in Megan’s lunch. She let me try one, and it […]

sun, no run, still fun

For several years now a group of us have done the Sun Run together. It is always good times. This year I caught the office cold. I could barely breathe sitting at home so going 10K was out of the question. I was sad to miss out, but when Amanda got home she showed me […]

hold on for the ride

I was doing a little blog stalking research tonight and it occurred to me that American Idol is like a roller coaster. All of the dramatic highs and lows are scripted in well advance. You know, even as you’re standing in line, where this train is going. There is little danger of any lasting effects. […]

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