July 2008 archive

photobooth (& evil librarians)

I have finally discovered what it is about Macs that makes them so coveted and beloved. It’s not simply that they are an amazing product (although they are). It’s not even because they’re pretty (so pretty). The real reason people buy Macs is for Photobooth. I’ve had mine over a month and haven’t posted a […]

i’ve been buzzwhacked

Every now and then when Googling yourself you discover that you’ve been published on the sly*. I am, it turns out, an official contributor to The Buzzword Dictionary (the new book from the blog formerly known as Buzzwhack: The Buzzword Compliant Dictionary.) Check it out, all official like: I’m sure the check is in the […]

PSA: POÄNG safety

Consider this a public service announcement friends. Learn from my misplaced enthusiasm. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a major house clean (you know the kind where you dust on top of the kitchen cupboards and inside of vases?) and happen to glance over at the POÄNG chair sitting in your living […]

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