August 2008 archive

PNE – a phone pics blog

For the first time ever, I went to the PNE without my usual posse. I missed you guys. And don’t worry, I didn’t eat corn dogs without you. Or wiggle chips. But I did have a caramel apple and . . .well maybe we shouldn’t get into that. Anyway, I didn’t feel like lugging the […]

I got my ticket!

I don’t actually get to vote in this election, but check it out, I got my pick for the Democratic ticket! I’ve been saying since Spring that if I could pick anyone to join Barack Obama it would be Joe Biden and while I know it’s wasn’t my voice that counted, somebody somewhere had the […]

blue sky, red tomatoes

I finally finished the dress I’ve been making for Corrina and since Canada Post confirms that it has arrived, I can now post a photo without ruining the fun. It came out a little larger than expected (and I learned a solid lesson in seam allowance) but since this is a summer dress and we’re […]

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