September 2008 archive

not shiny, but still pretty

After months of research, I finally choose a case for my beloved Macbook. So here it is, not shiny (although definitely shiny) but still pretty.In the end I decided to go with the Small Alley by STM (an Australian company it turns out). I like it’s slim profile and the fact that it has pockets […]

exit stage left, in silence

I was spoiled rotten this week-end with tickets to not one, but TWO shows. Luxurious indeed. On Friday night I met up with Amy & Patti to see the Panic Squad perform their improv artistry at Gallery 7. I have been going to see these guys for years and they never disappoint. I still have […]

sweet cheat

Last week Kendra, Shannon and I started our Wilton cake decorating course. This week we actually got to decorate cakes! The lesson plan suggested a rainbow cake, but I wasn’t really feeling that. So instead I decided to do the Cheat, napping in a crisper drawer of course. If you haven’t seen the “Privaleges“ episode […]

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