November 2008 archive

wilton class 3: not-so-lazy daisy

Tuesday was the final day for Wilton Class 3. After four weeks of working with fondant, learning how to stack cakes and and how to pipe Easter lilies and poinsettias, it came down to this:I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. When I took it into work today, they were all quite […]

this might be my million dollar baby

We were watching Ugly Betty tonight and muting the INCREDIBLY loud commercials when I had a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone invented a remote that instead of just mute had buttons that made the people on TV speak in all kinds of funny voices? Think of the possibilities. . . . Photo […]


Lots of treats today! First of all, there’s a new picture of the newly expanded Colvin family. Here’s Kai just hanging with the ‘rents. Seeing him in almost-profile like this, I can see Mark in him. There’s a painting in my parents’ house that my Grandpa did of Mark, aged two, fast asleep and the […]

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