December 2008 archive

the Christmas post

I have been remiss in posting my Christmas Day photos, so here goes. The first one is actually from Christmas Eve, because really, is there a better day to read the Grinch? When you can get to the part about “Christmas is tomorrow, it’s practically here” it really is! Growing up it was always my […]

the moon on the crest of the new fallen snow

Around here, that moon-on-the-snow looked something like this. Clearly we will be having a white Christmas this year. Maybe even the whit-est Christmas of all. Amanda and I were both quite shocked by the accumulation.The stockings were hung. . . but we had to take them down to fill them.There will be 17 of us […]

boxes, little boxes

If you have little gifts that you don’t want to get lost under the tree, try making these little boxes. They’re very easy to make and just the right size to keep your treasures safe.The template is available on from A Little Hut. Five dollars gets you all four designs and the PDF is […]

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