December 2008 archive

best card ever + office party

This was the card that Dave & Janie sent out in 2006. I couldn’t blog it back then because not all of the cards had arrived yet and I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise. I kept mine and have it on the desk by my laptop where I can enjoy it at eye level. […]

looking very Christmas-y

It’s looking very Christmas-y around here (and not just when I’m playing with the lights). Last weekend we headed off to a local tree farm to find a tree. Space in our place is limited so we carefully measured what little room we have and headed off with tape measure and specs in hand. I […]

have yourself a nerdy little christmas

It was time to get Christmas-y at the office and I decided to make a tree worthy of our team. Thus the nerd tree was born. I know, I know we prefer the term “Geek” but this just seems like a Nerd Tree to me. It is a badge I wear proudly. The tree has […]

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