January 2009 archive

winter beach – first of the year

I love the beach in winter time. It’s so quiet you can hear yourself think. I swear I can feel my blood pressure drop and my heart beat slow down each time I come to this water. The first glimpse of it as you come through town still takes my breath away — every time […]

watching history

Did you watch today? Here on the west coast the inauguration happened early in the workday. We were given permission to stop work and watch so with 6 co-workers gathered around my computer we watched history unfold in Washington. What incredible thing to see. There must be so many who felt this day would never […]

stargate: atlantis wrap party

Much to the disappointment of fans everywhere, Stargate: Atlantis was canceled earlier this year making the fifth season the final installment. The fifth season hasn’t even aired on cable in Canada yet but thanks to the wonders of a friend with Movie Central that hasn’t got in our way. The final episode aired recently and […]

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