April 2009 archive


During my last year of university a good friend of mine wrote a song for me. It was, and remains, a very cool experience. Today I found out that the daughter of another friend of mine has achieved this same feat at the tender age of 5. In some ways, it’s not that surprising. Julia […]

fly the road

I’ve never been into concept cars but I saw something today that just might change my mind. I found this link through Nathan Fillion’s tweet (is everyone on Twitter now?) and had to smile when I realized the video was from Top Gear. I first saw Top Gear when we were in England for Mark’s […]

UPDATED – Mom & Dad bought a house!

UPDATE: Now there are more pictures of the new place. Mom said I can be her official decorator (twist my rubber arm). I *knew* all those hours watching home decorating shows were going to come in handy! After years of planning Mom and Dad really are moving out west. This past week-end they bought a […]