May 2009 archive

twilight and long stories

UPDATED: For the perfect musical accompaniment for this post, load up “Where the Road Meets the Sun” [link will open in a new window] on YouTube, also available for purchase on iTunes. And yes, this is the song featured in the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. Such perfect lyrics “I don’t know whether we’ll end up […]

magic hanging baskets

It’s May long week-end, which on this coast of the country means that gardening season has officially begun. If you headed out to your favorite greenhouse to pick up a hanging basket too, try this easy trick to instantly make your basket appear bigger, fuller and yes, even more beautiful. This process involves no harsh […]

blankets & books

Earlier this week I was thrilled to see photos of Kai on the quilt that I made for him. It certainly takes a looong time for packages to get to Australia. I picked out the fabrics for this quilt shortly after I heard that Kai was on the way. I figured the greens, blues & […]

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