June 2009 archive

Gandalf returns

Gandalf returns. It sounds like a fourth book for The Lord of the Rings, but it’s not. Gandalf returns is simply the happy truth I find myself in today. After nearly two years gone and more than a year and a half since we last laid eyes on each other, tonight we were reunited. This […]

best cities to be single

The US Census has created a list that reveals the best cities in the US for singles of either sex. I’m thinking road trip?I like the comment one other blogger made, “San Francisco: 65,000 more single men that women. It’s possible there’s a little more going on than the census reveals in that stat.“ I […]


After almost two years, I get Gandalf back on Thursday. I went into Petsmart today to kit her out and realized all of the things I have carefully closeted away in her absence. I have not, not once, stepped foot in a pet store and the scent of it as soon as I walked in […]

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