July 2009 archive

american idols live! tour 2009

Guess who got tickets to the American Idols Live! 2009 tour? After much last minute scrambling I got the good word from Kimu, “we’re going to Idols!” GM Place was pretty packed when we got there. The upper bowl was sparsely populated but the rest of the room looked pretty close to capacity. We were […]

the Adam Lambert show

Today I am tired, my head is sore, my ears are still ringing and it was totally and completely worth it. Last night I went to the Vancouver show of American Idols Live! tour. The idols put on a great show. I think each one of them had a moment but the show was clearly […]

perfect golden summer

Tonight was a perfect summer night. The air was cool and the setting sun gilded the edges of everything. Clearly, it was a night to head to the water. Arriving home from work there was a brief discussion about where to go for supper when, in rather close succession we were both struck with a […]