December 2009 archive


I am many things, impulsive is not one of them. I think, I consider, I wait, I delay. I am very good at thinking myself out of doing things or finding reasons why trying something new is a bad idea. I like familiar things, things I am good at, things I understand. So today, during […]

Merry Christmas!

This year for the first time since before I came west for university I was able to have Christmas with my parents without getting on an airplane. I could definitely get used to this. We had a lovely Christmas morning together, opening gifts and eating like kings. And, of course, we made time for a […]

all things shine at Christmas

If you’ve been reading my blog since last year, you know we have an unusual Christmas tradition at our house – fancy nails. I took my acrylics off over the summer and was lamenting the loss of sparkly nails. I should not have worried. Thanks to the internet and my ever increasing skills in the […]