June 2013 archive

adventures in veggies CSA: Week 1

Last year my sister Rachel introduced me to the idea of CSA Programs (Community Supported Agriculture). ┬áThese weekly veggie box programs give you local, organic, in season vegetables once a week for the entire summer. ┬áThe idea sounded delicious to me so back in March I signed up with Abundant Acre’s CSA. Part of the […]

that time I collaborated with adam lambert

It’s not every day you get to work on a project with a rock star. Early in January 2011 a whole bunch of us got to do just that. It was Adam Lambert’s 29th birthday. He teamed up with charity: water (one of my favourites) and asked fans to consider donating toward well projects. In […]

just a girl

“You’re so girly. But you’re also really intelligent.” “How can you be a feminist? I thought you were a Christian?” It was a just a joke. He’s just joking they were all very quick to tell me. I’m not supposed to take it seriously. I’m supposed to be a good sport, to laugh along with […]