adventures in veggies CSA: Week 1


Last year my sister Rachel introduced me to the idea of CSA Programs (Community Supported Agriculture).  These weekly veggie box programs give you local, organic, in season vegetables once a week for the entire summer.  The idea sounded delicious to me so back in March I signed up with Abundant Acre’s CSA.

Part of the reason I joined up was to expand my vegetable horizons and this first box certainly did that.  The box contained:

Fingerling potatoes
Swiss Chard
Garlic scapes

Four of these I was quite familiar with, but I had no idea how to cook swiss chard and I had never even seen garlic scapes before.  I roasted the potatoes, carrots, and beets with some thyme and other herbs from my own garden and they were DELICIOUS.  The chard and scopes didn’t go so well.

It started out so hopeful. I did a bunch of research and found several recipes for garlic scape pesto made with walnuts.

pestoThe pesto came together quite quickly. It was a great colour, nice consistency. And then I tasted it.

Two days later I can almost still taste it.

Holy garlic Batman. It was awful. It was like a bowl of raw garlic. I went back and double-checked the recipe to see if I was supposed to roast the scopes first, but no, they were supposed to go in raw. I will not be making garlic scape pesto again.

And then there was the swiss chard.  Any time you’re headed for adventure there are going to be some wins and some losses.  With the pesto I just didn’t like it. When it came to the chard, the mistakes were all mine.  I forgot to adjust the lemon juice to the amount of chard I was using and I had the pan on too hot, burning the chard. I tried eating it anyway, and it tasted as bad as it looked.  I’m going to try the chard again tomorrow with a simple butter and salt preparation. I plan to watch it like a hawk to keep it from burning.

So for week one, I’d count it as a win. I have eaten some of all of the vegetables in the box. There’s enough potatoes, carrots and beets to roast them again.  I’ve tried two new vegetables and I was more adventurous in the kitchen this week than I have been in months. I wonder what will be in next week’s box?

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