How Much You Are Loved


The other day a friend of mine posted this beautiful photograph of her infant daughter.  She said she walked in to check on her and found the bunny tucked in beside her. If you knew the family you’d know that that is no ordinary bunny.

That particular bunny belongs to the baby’s oldest sister. We’ll call her Sarah. Sarah loves that bunny. She really, really loves it. You’ll usually find the bunny dragging along behind Sarah or tucked in with her for a nap. That bunny is probably Sarah’s Very Best Thing in the whole world. And she loaned it to her sister.

My friend commented that her sleeping daughter, “doesn’t even realize how much she is loved.” That resonated so deeply with me. Isn’t that a perfect picture of grace? God gave us His Very Best Thing long before we were old enough to understand.

Long before we knew the cost.
Long before we could to respond.
Long before we had any idea how deeply we are loved.

It’s amazing when you think about it. By the time you were born, and even long before that, God had already declared His love for you. He had already sacrificed. He already whispered out across time itself: You are loved! You are loved! You are loved!

In the photograph the baby is asleep. She doesn’t even know the gift has been given. But it’s there all the same. Sometimes when I’m waiting for God, I make the mistake of thinking that I’m waiting for Him to show up.

Where are you God? Can’t you see that I need You? DO something!

But the truth is that I’m not waiting for God to show up; I’m waiting for His timing and that’s not the same thing. God is already there, tucked in beside me as comforting as a well-worn bunny. He’s whispering the song He’s always sung: You are loved. You are loved. You don’t even realize how much you are loved.


(Thanks to Baby’s parents for permission to use the photo. Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.17.32 PM)

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    Lovely post. :)


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