This is how the story begins…

So here it is, the first day and I don’t know what comes next and that’s a little scary. It’s a blank page. In writing classes the blank page is seen as an adversary. The responsibility of filling it feels heavy and weighty so they teach you not to leave it blank. Just write something they say. It doesn’t have to be the intro, it doesn’t even have to survive the final edit. Just write something so it’s not a blank page anymore.

It sounds like a parlor trick, but it actually works. Get past the blank page and the massive void doesn’t seem so massive anymore. A page with a sentence on it has already begun.

So this is my first sentence. And this is me taking a deep breath and trying to enjoy the view of the edge of this cliff rather than making myself nuts calculating the rate at which I’ll fall. (Besides, I took my physics. I know that the rate at which I’d fall is a constant anyway, until you add friction, air resistance, that sort of thing. So here’s to trying to reduce the friction.)

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