Let’s Hear It For Art AND Science


I came across this quote today and I completely disagree:

The better you know technology the worse you probably know good art. [Source]

This sentence feels like a throwback to the old days of grimacing NASA scientists in white labcoats and thick, dark glasses, staring intelligently at computers that took up an entire room. This is 2015, and as we learned a couple of years ago, the people at NASA are a lot cooler than they used to be.

bobak[Bobak Ferdowsi, ladies and gentlemen.]

It frustrates me that someone is still perpetuating the idea that science is somehow the polar opposite of art; that technology is cold and colourless. If your tech is cold and colourless, you’re doing it wrong.

Technology is beautiful.

Technology takes someone who only had eight crayons to colour with and gives them a 64 pack. (And then a 256, a 512, a 1024…) When it’s done well technology gets out of the way so your best thinking, your greatest innovation, your strongest connections can shine.

It’s backwards and inside-out to presume that tech people aren’t artistic people. It simply isn’t true. The better technology gets, the more creativity it demands, not less. Sure it takes a lot of math to get to Mars, but you have to imagine it first.

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