Over the past 14 years I’ve written a lot about relationships, which is ironic.  My most popular article, How to Write a Love Letter, spent the past six years as one of the top 12 Google results (out of 134 million) for a search on “write love letter”.  I’ve been interviewed about this article three times. Home Alone for the Holidays grabbed the attention of CNN last Christmas – Barbara Hall interviewed me for CNN Radio News Day.  (My part starts at 8:53. I had a horrific cold that day.) Mostly I write about what I’m learning, or what I wish I would learn or the questions I’m still asking.

Other articles include:

Where Do We Go From Here? – Start with what is right in front of you
Do You Trust Him? – It’s easy to love a man you don’t trust, but it’s hard to live with him
Take Your Pick – Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk on the paradox of choice
Disabled, Not Broken – The day I learned what that word really means

Further writing samples are here.



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