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Today We Get to Make it Rain

There’s a person at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who has one of the coolest jobs in the world. They spend the day going through applications and handing out money to worthy causes. (I wonder if they ever have an Oprah moment – YOU get funding! And you get funding!) Imagine being faced with […]

How Much You Are Loved

The other day a friend of mine posted this beautiful photograph of her infant daughter.  She said she walked in to check on her and found the bunny tucked in beside her. If you knew the family you’d know that that is no ordinary bunny. That particular bunny belongs to the baby’s oldest sister. We’ll […]

Just Like That: Sanitary napkins and saying Yes

I’ve often heard that if you want to know what God has called you to do look at what is in your hands. What I’ve learned this year is what can happen when you’re willing to give God all of what is in your hands, even the parts you don’t like. I don’t know how […]

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