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Angelina Jolie’s boobs matter

You’ve probably heard the news that Angelina Jolie made the decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy to greatly reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. I can’t imagine that was an easy decision to make. It would be hard for any woman, and perhaps even more so for a woman who’s stock in trade […]

Hazelle & Luke’s Shower

Hazelle and Luke were planning a hipster burlap wedding so that set the colour pallet and made choosing a direction really easy.  They were planning to have vintage elements in the wedding and they’re both into filmmaking so keys and filmstrips finished it off. I knew I’d hit the right note when the bride and […]

preparing for Canada day

There’s no sunshine here, no sunshine at all so I haven’t been feeling very Canada Day-ish at all.  I decided to put an end to that by painting my nails patriotically (with a bonus nod to England, my birthplace).  Not bad for a first attempt.  

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