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Christmas 2015

  Merry Christmas! If you’ve found your way to this page, it probably means that your Christmas card has arrived and didn’t get lost in the mail. Hurrah! As promised, here is a recording of my speech. It was done at home with GarageBand so please excuse the messy bits. May the hope, the joy, the […]

Why Aren’t You Married?

I think I could be good at being married.  I’m a good communicator. I’m generous and encouraging and willing to compromise. I stay calm in a crisis and I’m learning to admit when I’m wrong. But I am in my mid- (okay late-) 30s and it has not happened for me so the question of, “Does […]

the secrets we whisper in the dark

It’s been almost exactly a day and I still can’t quite fully believe it. We bought a house. A real house. A house with a front door that isn’t hidden round the back, a house with big windows, a house that we can’t get kicked out of. It’s a house where I don’t have to […]

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