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Let’s Hear It For Art AND Science

I came across this quote today and I completely disagree: The better you know technology the worse you probably know good art. [Source] This sentence feels like a throwback to the old days of grimacing NASA scientists in white labcoats and thick, dark glasses, staring intelligently at computers that took up an entire room. This […]

The Quick & Easy Guide to Voting

The 2014 Abbotsford municipal elections are happening on November 15th. In the last municipal elections here in BC a paltry 30% of voters showed up. We can do better than that. This year, I’ve done the research for you. The Vote Local tab in the header will take you to a listing of what we’re voting on, what […]

This is how the story begins…

So here it is, the first day and I don’t know what comes next and that’s a little scary. It’s a blank page. In writing classes the blank page is seen as an adversary. The responsibility of filling it feels heavy and weighty so they teach you not to leave it blank. Just write something […]

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