Hello! Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with hundreds of authors teaching them how to craft their message for a digital audience. Recently, I’ve transitioned into focussing more on digital marketing, helping clients get noticed in an increasingly noisy world.

I’ve worked in film helping to shape documentaries and shorts and I’ve coached tearful interviewees on how to confidently deliver their story on camera.

I’m really good at calming people down in stressful situations which turns out to be a handy skill when you’re moderating comments on the internet. I never expected to grow up to be a computer nerd.

You can read samples of my writing here. I’m also a monthly contributor over at She Loves Magazine.

I’m delighted by the internet – by the sheer muchness of it. Whatever you love, whomever you are, the internet can help you find others who are like you. That’s the magic of technology – not that you can like a photo of my dinner before I’ve taken a bite, but that I can whisper, “This is who I am” and someone I’m just about to meet can answer, “Me too”.

If you’re looking for me you’ll probably find me with my nose in a book. You can contact me through any of the social media links on the top right corner of the page or by sending a message with the form below. (Isn’t it nice to not have to wait for the beep?)

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