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adventures in veggies: CSA weeks 3-7

This post should probably be called, Adventures in Veggies: The Confessional.  This is the post where I admit that having vegetables in the fridge did not magically turn me into a veggie connoisseur. Yes, the vegetables were fresh and beautiful but far fewer of them ended up on the table than I had hoped.  We […]

adventures in veggies CSA: week 2

Week 2 in the land of veggies was a HUGE improvement over week 1.  I ate all of the vegetables in the first box.  My favourite was roasting the potatoes, carrots and beets. Delicious.  I redeemed myself with the Swiss chard.  I prefer it steamed with salt and butter. The lady at the farmer’s market […]

adventures in veggies CSA: Week 1

Last year my sister Rachel introduced me to the idea of CSA Programs (Community Supported Agriculture).  These weekly veggie box programs give you local, organic, in season vegetables once a week for the entire summer.  The idea sounded delicious to me so back in March I signed up with Abundant Acre’s CSA. Part of the […]